The path to immortality lies within.

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Ancient Heroes

In a forgotten kingdom, a great war was waged against the darkness that sought to engulf the land. The kingdom's army fought bravely and emerged victorious, but at a high price. The fallen heroes were each laid to rest in their own Catacomb, a sacred place reserved for the kingdom's most revered and respected figures who have passed away. These Catacombs form a maze that connects and serves as the final resting place for the honored deceased.

The Keepers

One day, an ancient magic stirred within the Catacombs and a burst of energy flowed through them. This magic brought the bodies of the fallen warriors back to life, and they became the Keepers of the Catacombs. Sworn to protect the tomb and its secrets and treasures, the Keepers guarded their respective sections of the Catacomb with unwavering loyalty. Deep within the tomb lies the main chamber, where the kingdom's greatest treasures and the secret of immortality are kept safe.

Awaken a Keeper

You have been asleep all this time in the Catacomb. Are you ready to become a Keeper? A Keeper's duty is to protect those who are still asleep in the Catacomb. You will receive training in the ways of the Keeper and discover the secret to your own immortality. Leave the darkness behind and enter a world of knowledge and experience that you never thought possible. The secrets of the Catacomb will be revealed to those who are worthy of leaving its shadow, but first, you must awaken and take on the role of a Keeper.

The Path Ahead: A Guide to the Catacombs

  •   Catacomb 1  


    The release of the Catacomb NFT Art Collection provides access to the lost story of an underground world. Each piece in the collection depicts a Keeper, an Avatar that moves through the forthcoming MapChain. Traits of the catacombs will be revealed as they are discovered by the community.

  •   Catacomb 2  


    Currently, there is one trait revealed for Keeper Rank. The remaining traits of the Catacomb are shrouded in mystery. As the story unfolds and the community weighs in, these traits will gradually be revealed. They hold special value and can unlock rewards for those who discover them.

  •   Catacomb 3  


    As fans and collectors continue to explore the secrets within these NFTs, a new story development will emerge, offering more clues and hints about the next installment in the Catacomb underworld. Stay tuned for more updates and keep an eye out for the next reveal.

  •   Catacomb 4  


    An On-Chain Collection of Maps will reveal the Keeper's Catacomb locations and value. A Legend Key will link these maps to form a 5x5 grid around one of the 288 central Unicombs. Owning the entire set of Unicomb maps in one wallet unlocks treasure, achievable by a single Keeper or up to 25 Keepers as a group venture. Treasure includes GasBack. Catacomb also features 10 rare and powerful Omnicombs that can be used as wildcards to unlock any map.

  •   Catacomb 5  


    Keepers will embark on a journey out of the Catacomb. This means moving from traditional IPFS NFT storage methods to On-Chain. Keepers will receive airdrops and whitelist benefits for new collections. Furthermore, the Catacomb holds a hidden, larger utility purpose that may be revealed sooner than expected.

  •   Catacomb 6  


    Once a Keeper awakens, they can learn the secrets of the Catacomb and step out of the shadows. Many new things await the Keepers. Join the enlightenment and escape the Catacomb.


What is Catacomb?

The Catacomb Collection is a limited edition set of ERC-721 NFTs featuring various levels of rarity. When you own a Catacomb NFT, you become a Keeper, with an epic journey and story to unfold. The community will play a key role in uncovering the lore and discovering new traits within the collection.

What are the price and collection details?

7210 items. 0.0075 ETH per NFT. Max per wallet: 5. Max per minting in one transaction: 5.

721 items will be reserved for adding new talent to build the Catacomb and to provide free giveaways.

What are the benefits for Catacomb Keepers?

Catacomb Keepers will have priority access to the whitelist for an upcoming collection featuring groundbreaking utility, set to be released soon. In addition, an airdrop linked to Catacomb will be announced in the future, with more enlightening updates to come.

Who are the founders?

A sudden burst of magic affected a developer community, leading to the formation of the Catacomb. Learn More

Is there a Discord?

A Discord for the latest updates, giveaways, and for the community to shape the story of the Catacomb exists inside this link.


Embark on a mysterious journey with "Lore of the Catacomb". Follow the thrilling tale of an awakened long-forgotten knight and experience twists and turns in the dark catacombs. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, complete with graphic art, where the audience chooses which lore to add next.

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